Sex: male

Breed: Devon Rex mix

Estimated Age: 1 years

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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Sociability with Cats:
Needs to be the only cat

General Personality:
Outgoing, highly social and interactive with all

Ideal Family:
Kids above 7 years (i.e. they have some impulse control)

General Comments

Busy, busy, busy!  Peri is an outgoing, inquisitive little guy who is always on the go with a seemingly endless supply of energy!  This high-spirited boy loves to play with anything he perceives to be a toy.  Peri will go from one toy to another, swatting pipe cleaners, chasing balls, and batting objects he finds in the various interactive cat toys that are on hand.  If you asked Peri to choose 2 toys to take to a deserted island, he would pick toy mice and wand toys, paws down.  He has a blast playing fetch with toy mice…if you throw one across the room, Peri joyfully chases, captures, and then returns it to your feet where he will expectantly wait for you to throw it again!   Wave a wand toy, any wand toy, and he'll put on quite the show!  Peri is one of the best jumpers we’ve seen - his hang time and the height he achieves is amazing! 

Peri loves when people play with him, but he is also quite capable of entertaining himself with anything he can get his paws on.  For example, after opening a supply cabinet, a volunteer turned her back for a few moments only to turn around and discover Peri striding confidently through the room dragging around a wand toy he’d discovered inside the cabinet!  The next time she glanced his way, Peri was enthusiastically chewing on a feather that he’d pulled out of the cabinet!  Peri makes you laugh aloud with his antics!   

It’s good Peri is so playful…he’s got quite the appetite and will do his best to convince you that weeks have passed since his last meal!  After playtime and dinner, Peri will make good use of his  favorite cardboard scratch boxes. 

Peri feels just as passionately about his people as he does his playtime!  This sweet, affectionate guy loves to interact with and be close to his people.  Don’t be surprised if he plants himself on your paperwork just to get your attention!  He adores people and is always happy to take a snuggle break in your lap where he encourages you to scratch his chin and provide plenty of petting while he purrs with contentment!  Peri is a talkative guy who likes to strike up a conversation with you.  He loves to hear about your day and in return enjoys discussing important topics on his mind…when do I eat again, when can we play again, why are dogs so subservient to humans?  You know, the important questions of the day…! 

Peri doesn’t seem to be afraid of anyone or anything.  At our Petco adoption location, he is interested in everyone that walks by, including canines of all shapes and sizes whom he regards with curious fascination!  The one thing he shows a bit too much interest in is other cats…Peri feels like he is all the cat you need!

Not only does he have a purrsonality that makes you fall in love with him, he’s a looker. Yup, Peri is one handsome little dude.  His eyes are almost an exact match to his handsome orange tabby striped coat!  How amazing is that?   Add his smarts, spunkiness, and fun-loving, affectionate nature…well, you’ve got yourself one heck of a companion!   Peri is excited to make your acquaintance and looks forward to adding a lot of laughter and love to your home!


RESCUE History

 Peri was surrendered by this owners because they had too many pets.

Medical History

Spay/Neuter Date: 08/01/2017 3-in-1 Date: 07/31/2017
Maricopa County A Number: Avid:
Declawed: No