Sex: female

Breed: Scottie Terrier

Estimated Age: 2 years

Breed: Small (10-20lbs)

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Profile Details

Activity Level:
Moderate - requires a daily 30 minute walk

Leash Manners:
I am easy to walk and pull very little

Grooming Requirements:
I require regular professional grooming and bathing (every 6-8 weeks)

Sociability with Dogs:
Would prefer to be the only dog

General Personality:
Friendly and social

Ideal Family:
Adult home only | Teenage kids

General Comments

Katie is as cute as a button.  Like most terriers she is smart, opinionated, quirky, fun and loving.  Our volunteers sing the praises of this little gal.  Here is a bit about their interactions with this sweet girl:

Katie is spunky and fun and beautiful all rolled up into one great package for such a little girl she has quite the attitude! Katie is very fond of playing fetch and will always bring the ball back. We must've played for 2 hours before she took a break. She also loves to play tug-of-war with a stuffed animal. Katie also loves to cuddle in your arms like a newborn baby and have her chest and belly rubbed.  She walks excellent on the leash and rides well in the car. Katie will need plenty of long walks every day.  I don't think I can say enough about how great a gal Katie is, but she loves her humans, she loves to play, and likes to binge-watch animal planet!!

Katie is looking for a home with daily walks and games of fetch and of course lots of snuggle time.  While she gets along with dogs her own size she would prefer to be an only child.  She’s got plenty of personality to go around as well as love and snuggles.  If you’re looking for a little bundle of fun with a big heart, look no further.  Please fill out an application for her today.  She’s eager to start the next chapter of her life.

RESCUE History

 Katie weighed 9.3 pounds when we rescued her.

Medical History

Spay/Neuter Date: 10/03/2019 Rabies Date: 09/29/2019
4-in-1 Date: 09/29/2019 License #: L19-0030349
Bordetella Date: 09/29/2019 Maricopa County A Number: A4322238