Bailey RESCUE Profile

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Sex: male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair - black

Estimated Age: 5 years


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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats:
Good with cats or at least indifferent to them

General Personality:
Outgoing, highly social and interactive with all

General Comments

Bailey is a precious black kitty with lovely golden eyes. This sweet boy is an affectionate lap cat who will make a beeline for your lap the moment you sit down!  If you can’t make your lap available, no problem…Bailey will sit next to you and casually place one paw on your leg to reassure you that all is well, he is near!  Bailey encourages and accepts all forms of attention from people, especially if you are giving him head and neck scratches…those are his favorites!  He’ll also let you pick him up and hold him for quite a while.  Bailey adores catching up with his person at the end of a long day and does just fine holding up his end of the conversation.  To be honest, Bailey has so much to say, we’ve caught him walking around talking to no one in particular sometimes.  Dinner conversation is his favorite; Bailey is a social eater and loves to have company while he feasts on his meal!  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy good dinner conversation, right?!   

Bailey does play a little but is really all about the cuddling.  Of course, that doesn’t mean he isn’t up for a good wind sprint through the house when he is being chased by something only he can see.  Afterwards, he does a big stretch and goes to town on his favorite scratching post before he’s ready to resume cuddle time activities with you or curl up in his cozy cat bed!  He is fine with other friendly kitties but seems to truly have a passion for his people. If you think you’ll be as passionate about our Bailey as he’ll be about you, Bailey is eagerly awaiting your adoption application!



RESCUE History

 Bailey was turned into the Humane Society by his owners.  They stated they had too many cats.