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This is our mailing address. We DO NOT have a shelter. If you'd like to meet our dogs, please visit one of our scheduled events and/or complete an application for more information. If you are interested in one of our cats, please complete an application and one of our MatchMakers will contact you.

We will always do our best to respond quickly and appropriately to your questions. Please understand however, that we are a volunteer driven non-profit organization and we cannot always respond to your inquiries like a large corporation. On average, we receive well over 200 inquiries per week. It may take us a day, or even several days to reply, but you can be assured that your questions are important to us and we will get back to you. Because we realize we cannot always respond immediately to your questions, we have designed our website to provide you with as much detail as possible.

If you are looking for a veterinarian, a new groomer, or even an animal behaviorist, we have established some great partnerships over the years. We would love to share these experts with you, so make sure and check out our Partner Acknowledgements page. For additional resources, we have a page of Recommended Readings.

We hope that you find answers to most of your questions. . . and if not, we are ready and waiting to help! We thank you for your consideration and for contacting RESCUE!


This is our preference and often the best way to contact us - EMAIL



Call our RESCUE telephone line and leave a detailed message. We check this voicemail during regular business hours (8AM-5PM) and will route your call to the appropriate person who will respond to your message. When you leave your message, please speak slowly and clearly, say and spell your name, and provide your phone number(s) slowly. Please repeat your phone number. Please include as much detail as possible.


If you are contacting us regarding an animal that you cannot keep, we apologize, but we are unable to take your animal. We do not take in stray animals or pets that people cannot keep. If you have found a homeless dog or cat, please click here for information. Our mission is to be the last voice for cats and dogs who are facing death at our County shelters. If you are in a position where you are looking for someone to take your pet, please consider investing in a professional behaviorist or trainer. Most of the reasons given by people who "can't keep their pets" are correctable with the advice and assistance of someone who specializes in animal behavior. These services are not very expensive and often result in a success for everyone involved!

If you have questions about Adoption, please visit our MatchMaker Adoption Service page!

If you have questions about Volunteering, please visit our Volunteering with RESCUE page!

If you have questions about Donating, please visit our Donate page!

If you have questions about Sponsoring, please visit our Sponsorship page!