Apollo Program

In 1961, President Kennedy challenged our space program to reach the moon within the decade. It seemed an impossible challenge. Nonetheless, on July 24th 1969, Apollo 11 reached the moon. The challenge was fulfilled, and our history, forever changed.

In 2002, RESCUE was faced with its own impossible challenge.

In our care was a six-year-old Chow Mix with major injuries. Surgical options were dim and some recommended euthanasia. After all, the prognosis was bleak, the dog was past his prime and the surgery expensive.

Ironically, this bear of a dog was named Apollo. And just like his namesake, he lived up to the challenge.

Apollo survived his surgery and was adopted into a wonderful home where he enjoyed an amazing life surrounded by those that love him.

His history, and RESCUE's, was forever changed.

RESCUE created the Apollo Program in this amazing dog’s honor. Every week we visit the local pounds and offer cats and dogs their second chance at life. Many of these animals have never received love, much less proper medical care. In some cases – as was true in Apollo’s - we aren’t even fully aware of their needs until they have been evaluated by our veterinarians. Nonetheless, we take complete responsibility for each of them, and we take it seriously. The care we provide begins with the most basic of services such as vaccinations and spays and neuters, and can extend to extensive medical testing and surgeries. We help our cats and dogs in every possible way – always striving to do what is in their best interest.

Please consider donating to our Apollo Program. Apollo’s life depended on someone willingness to explore his options. We were able to offer him a new world because of our generous RESCUE supporters . Help us continue this kind of care for the cats and dogs who depend on it by honoring Apollo and donating to his program.


Make an online donation to the Apollo Program below.

  • $300 - Apollo 
    All the way to the Moon 
    - One small step for you, one giant leap for our animals.
    - Your name will be listed on our Donor Acknowledgement page. 
  • $150 - Gemini
    In 1965, this mission was the first to send up two astronauts.

    - You can be our partner on this flight team!
    -Your name will be listed on our Donor Acknowledgement page. 
  • $75 - Mercury
    In 1959, this flight was the first step in human space exploration
    - Help RESCUE takeoff!


Because of your donations, these wonderful cats and dogs have benefited from special testing or procedures in order for them to embrace their second chance at life.

We thank you, but more importantly, the animals thank you.