Addison RESCUE Profile

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Sex: female

Breed: Catahoula mix

Estimated Age: 2 years

Breed: Large (51-90lbs)


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Profile Details

Activity Level:
High - requires rigorous daily exercise, a minimum of 30 minutes a day of running or hiking

Leash Manners:
Pulls on the leash while walking, does not pull while jogging

Grooming Requirements:
I need regular brushing and the occasional bath

Sociability with Dogs:
Does fine with other dogs, could live with another dog or as the only dog

Sociability with Cats:
Not cat friendly

General Personality:
Friendly and social

General Comments

 Addison is a beautiful gal!  Behind her preplexed brow lies a smart cookie too!  We took our leggy beauty to a trainning class and she was a star pupil!  She mastered sit, down and shake and quickly moved on to learning some fun tricks like wave and roll over!  In addition to these cool traits Addison take treats very politely, rides well in the car and as long as you are not a slow walker, she has excellent leash manners.  Ideally this hound-girl would love to jog and run next to her human companion.  She wants to keep her girlish figure and really loves to stretch out those long legs of hers.  Once she has burned off a few calories she is eager to curl up next to your feet and hang out at the local dog friendly cafe.  She can quickly go from bounding at the dog park to snoozing!  

If you're looking for an active, smart, loving canine friend, look no further.  Addie is eager to start the next chapter of her life.  Fill out an application for this special gal today and hopefully you'll be the lucky one to add her to your family!



RESCUE History

 Addison weighed 49.4 pounds when we rescued her.