Sex: male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair - Orange tabby

Estimated Age: 3 years

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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats:
Must have another cat in household

General Personality:
Outgoing, highly social and interactive with all

General Comments

We guarantee that you will fall in love with Jacob immediately.  It’s impossible not to when Jacob’s one objective in life is to interact with and love his people as much as he possibly can.  Jacob’s half-hooded eyes draw your attention to him right away.  He always looks like he is daydreaming or perpetually sleepy!  Other times, he has been known to give “the look” which translates into “please sit down so I can put my head on your lap”! 

Jacob is very people oriented and super affectionate.  Jacob has a tiny voice which he’ll use to call for you when he can’t find you.  He’ll let you love on him all you want, for as long as you want, and in return will lovingly rub his face against yours while purring with happiness.  Jacob will lie on your lap, on your legs, or right next to you.  He loves being petted, enjoys being brushed, rolls over for belly rubs, tries to knead on you, and likes to hold paws (hands?) with you.  That’s right…Jacob will let you hold his little paws in your hands while he flexes his little toes.  It’s adorable.  Jacob not only loves all contact with people…he loves interacting with other cats as well!  In fact, when one of his kitty roommates joined him on a volunteer’s lap, Jacob reached his paws out in an attempt to knead and hug her!

If you swirl a feather wand around on the floor, Jacob will leap over it, running back and forth trying to catch it.  It’s hilarious to watch!

This incredibly sweet, gentle, loving kitty will fit in nicely with any family.  Nothing at all seems to bother this guy…except…if you leave a cuddling session prematurely!  Jacob is a wonderful cat!


RESCUE History

 Jacob was surrendered by his owner along with several other cats.  

Medical History

Spay/Neuter Date: 04/12/2017 3-in-1 Date: 04/05/2017
Maricopa County A Number: Avid:
Declawed: No