MatchMaking Process

Thank you for your interest in one of our rescued animals! This sheet is designed to acquaint you with RESCUE's Pet MatchMaker Service. This service creates matches between people and animals that will results in loving, lifetime relationships. It is important for you to be fully aware of the following steps to effectively transition through our adoption program.


Step 1 - Fill out MatchMaker Information Form  
Step 2 - Discuss Expectations with a MatchMaker
Step 3 - Meet Animal and Assess Match

Thank you for your interest, and we appreciate your support.


Step 1 - Fill out MatchMaker Information Form

Complete our on-line MatchMaker information form. The purpose of this form is to gather information about what you are looking for in an ideal new pet and for us to understand the concerns your family has about integrating a new pet into your household. This information will help us find the animal that best matches your ideal new pet. In addition to any specific animals you are already interested in, we may be able to suggest other animals that would be appropriate matches for your family. It is also vital for us to obtain your contact information so that we may telephone you. Your form will then be forwarded to one of our volunteer MatchMakers, who will follow up to arrange next steps.

Step 2 - Discuss Expectations with a MatchMaker

Typically within three business days, you will receive a call from a RESCUE MatchMaker. Our MatchMakers conduct a number of these discussions each month and many of our animals receive interest from dozens of families at a time. Your availability during the day or in the evening will in part impact how quickly this process moves forward from here. The information you provided on the matchmaker information form will provide the foundation for your discussions with our MatchMaker. This volunteer will review your expectations and concerns in a more in-depth and specific manner. Following that conversation, the MatchMaker will be in a great position to discuss the potential animals matching your criteria. If all parties are ready to move forward, a face-to-face meeting will be scheduled with a volunteer Adoption Counselor, your family, and the animal(s) that seem to be the best match.

Step 3 - Meet Animal and Assess Match

The time has arrived! This is where you and your family meet your potential new pet to assess the match. Successful lifetime matches are decisions of the head and the heart. We have put a lot of logic into the process up until now. Now is the time to assess first hand, if that magic is there. You and the Adoption Counselor will be watching to see if the personalities click. You'll be looking to see how the animal gets along with all of your family members including current pets. You and our volunteer will discuss any issues and concerns regarding adding this animal to your family. If you and the Adoption Counselor decide this is a great match, the adoption will be finalized! Or, you may decide to schedule another appointment to meet a different animal that might be a better fit. We will continue this process until just the right match is found for you.

Sometimes... there is no animal currently in our system that meets exactly what you are looking for. Don't despair! In most cases we are able to find that perfect match for you in as little as a week or two.

Occasionally... more than one family is interested in adopting the same animal. While this is a wonderful circumstance for the animal, it can be disappointing for a potential adopter because obviously only one family will eventually adopt this particular animal. Unlike other organizations in this instance we do not hold a lottery for interested parties, nor do we adopt on a first-come first-served basis. We instead look to what the individual animal needs in a home and compare that with each family environment, selecting the one we feel the animal will most flourish in. We will continue to work with the other families to help locate their perfect match.

Please Know… there is never an obligation to adopt any animal we show you. Even if they aren't a fir for you we will find them a fantastic family where they are the perfect match. RESCUE makes a lifetime commitment to every animal we rescue!


Now that you are familiar with our MatchMaker Adoption Service, we invite you to visit our Dog Adoption Center and our Cat Adoption Center where we have general information regarding our animals and our Adoption Services Fee. 


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