Donor ackowledgement

This page is dedicated to some of our supporters who have generously donated to RESCUE to help support our efforts to save and care for the dogs and cats that we rescue from the kill list. Please know that everyone listed below has played an important role in helping our animals! RESCUE thanks you and more importantly the animals thank you!


Donors - Director's Circle Members

  • Laura Williams on Behalf of the Frederick Home Purchase
  • In Memory Of: Tori
  • Steven Hungett
  • In Memory Of: Donna Riccobono
  • Sheila Moore
  • Mike and Deb Miller
  • Gregory Leet
  • Karen Siewert

Donors - Benefactor Members

  • Steven Sardo
  • Judy Strom
  • Mike and Deb Miller
  • In Memory Of: Roy McDonald
  • Esther Mitchell
  • Timothy Hann
  • Dana Chou
  • Steven and Sardo
  • Mary Lou Mosley
  • Cindy Guffin
  • Kathleen Deely Lippard
  • Lori Hartman
  • The Brandenburg Family
  • On behalf of Jacqualin Athay - Merry Christmas!
  • Vance Green
  • Cheryl Beck
  • Debra Pearson
  • Reba
  • For our wonderful Sully Dog aka Hank
  • Karen Currie
  • Patty Matsock
  • Angela M James

Donors - Patron

  • Gary Bryan
  • Mary K Byke
  • Maria Simiz
  • Ana Cardoso
  • Debby Bowers
  • Mollie Hoppes
  • Hilary Stuart Wimsatt
  • Mrs. Slaybaugh and Mrs. Kantrud
  • David Grubin
  • In Memory Of: Miles
  • kittie larson

Apollo Mission - Apollo Level

  • Dr. Mark and Gina Page

Apollo Mission - Gemini Level

  • John Parente

Apollo Mission - Mercury Level

  • Michele Soto