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Cat Adoption Center

Welcome to our Cat Adoption Center! At any one time RESCUE has between 50 and 75 cats in our "system". Our volunteers rescue these cats from the euthanasia list at our local animal care and control shelters. Most commonly these cats have been abandoned by their owners, or picked up/turned in as strays. Once we rescue a cat, it stays with us until we find him or her a permanent loving home.

While with us, our cats are primarily housed in our network of fabulous foster homes, while others are boarded with our veterinary partners or our Feline Care Center. All of our cats are spayed or neutered, have tested negative for FELV/FIV (feline leukemia and feline AIDS - two common communicable cat diseases) and have received their 3-in-1 vaccination.

In 2002, we instituted what we call our MatchMaker Adoption Process which focuses on making lifetime matches between families/individuals and our animals. If you find a cat you are interested in, just click on our MatchMaker link and see how our process works and to submit a Match Maker Information Form. If we don't currently have a cat that seems just right, you can still begin the adoption process. For every animal we adopt we are back at the pound rescuing another so this often takes only a few weeks. Considering we have many every month, we always have new cats for you to consider.

RESCUE's Spotlighted Cat. . .

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