Coco RESCUE Profile

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Sex: female

Breed: Pug/Chihuahua mix

Estimated Age: 2 years

Breed: Small (10-20lbs)


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Profile Details

Activity Level:
Average - requires a 20 minute walk a day

Leash Manners:
I am easy to walk and pull very little

Grooming Requirements:
I need regular brushing and the occasional bath

Sociability with Dogs:
Does fine with other dogs, could live with another dog or as the only dog

General Personality:
Friendly and social

Ideal Family:
Kids above 7 years (i.e. they have some impulse control)

General Comments

While Coco's photos might not show the brown in her fur, she does have a rich carmel coloring to her fur.  She also has some fairly animated ears. While she has some white around her face, don't let that fool you.  She's a young gal, only 2 years new!  She's a leggy gal but doesn't need a ton of exercise.  She has wonderful leash manners and will match your pace as you set out for your walk.  
Coco is a polite, well mannered gal.  She rides very well in the car and as mentioned above has great leash manners.  She takes treats gently and if you're lucky she'll give you a kiss in appreciation.  
Coco enjoys other canine friends but does not need a home with another dog in the home.  If you're looking for a dog to hang out at the cafe after your morning walk, Coco would be the dog for you.  She is a low maintenance gal looking to start the next chapter of her life.  

RESCUE History

 Coco weighed 8.7 pounds when we rescued her.