Willow RESCUE Profile

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Sex: female

Breed: Maine Coone

Estimated Age: 9 years


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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I require daily brushing and coat care

Sociability with Cats:
Needs to be the only cat

General Personality:
Friendly and outgoing but on my terms, when I'm done, I'm done.

General Comments

Who is that enchanting girl with the glowing green eyes, long white whiskers, and beautiful orange coat?  You’re not the first to be captivated by Willow’s eye-catching looks…there’s a certain mystique and intrigue that draws people to our girl. 

Lovely Willow is shy at first but it doesn’t take long for this sweet, friendly kitty to begin head butting you and meowing to request attention!  If that’s not enough, she’ll sometimes take it one step further and flop on the floor to show you her belly!  If she sees an open lap, her shyness disappears as she hops up and makes herself at home!  She’s actually quite funny making herself comfortable in your lap…she’ll alternate between sitting, standing, walking across it, and then starting all over again!  Perhaps she’s trying to determine the ideal position and just can’t make up her mind?  One of her favorite ways to pass the time in your lap is by being brushed.  Willow loves being brushed which is great news – not only does this give you quality time together, it also keeps her soft coat looking and feeling great!  She loves any type of wire brush - simply hold it up and she’ll get to work rubbing her face against it!  Willow also enjoys being petted, especially if the petting involves ear rubs and chin scratches! 

Willow loves attention but can get over stimulated if you brush or pet her too much.  What does this mean you may wonder?  Well, it means you take your cues from Willow.  It means that no matter how badly you want to smother this sweet girl with affection, no matter how badly you want to pet that beautiful coat of hers for hours on end, there comes a point where Willow decides she needs some space where she can reflect on how much you love her without being smothered by your love for her!  I think we can all relate to needing some space, can’t we?  A good example of this is the following interaction a volunteer had with her…not surprisingly Willow hopped onto our volunteer’s lap to request some love.  Naturally, our volunteer happily obliged by holding out Willow’s favorite wire brush and letting Willow “brush” herself for a little while (i.e. our volunteer held the brush and Willow repeatedly rubbed her head against it in pure ecstasy).  While Willow brushed herself, our volunteer opted to not pet her at the same time, wanting Willow to focus on the joy of being brushed and not be distracted with other activities.  After a few minutes, our volunteer actively brushed Willow for a short while and then let Willow take over again.  They had a great time together doing this!  The key is to let Willow set the pace and to read her signals.  A lot of people overlook Willow because they’re not quite sure how to handle this part of Willow’s personality, but for those willing to take another look and spend that extra time getting to know her, her personality, likes and dislikes…it is well worth the time and effort.  They can’t say enough great things about her.  “I adore Willow. She's incredibly sweet whenever I visit her.”  “I just love Willow, attitude and all.”She is a sweet girl with a little attitude.”

Despite her regal appearance, Willow loves to play!  Willow likes playing with the fabric wand toy when it wanders within paw’s reach, alternately biting it and then swatting at it!  She also likes feather wands and chasing balls with bells in them.  When playtime is over, Willow enjoys making herself comfortable in the kitty condo’s highest perch so she can get her beauty sleep undisturbed.  Willow requests that she be your one and only feline friend...after all, with Willow around, what possible reason would there be to need another cat in the house?!

It’s been a while since her former owners left her at the pound when they moved.  Willow probably has no idea why she was abandoned.  And to be honest, sometimes it feels like Willow is sad, wondering when it will be her turn to go home and whether she’ll ever find someone who will understand, accept, and love her for who she is.  We feel confident Willow would thrive in a quiet home with a patient family who will let Willow set the pace.  Willow is a special kitty who has a lot to offer - she is looking forward to meeting her new family and we are looking forward to helping make that perfect match!  Willow deserves nothing less than her very own happily ever after.


Video of her in foster care. 


RESCUE History

 We rescued Willow when she was four.  Her previous owner surrendered her when they moved.  Willow stayed in our care until another home could be found.  She was adopted again in 2018 only to be returned to us 11 months later when her adopted moved.  :(