Donor ackowledgement

This page is dedicated to some of our supporters who have generously donated to RESCUE to help support our efforts to save and care for the dogs and cats that we rescue from the kill list. Please know that everyone listed below has played an important role in helping our animals! RESCUE thanks you and more importantly the animals thank you!


Sponsors - Silver Sponsors

  • Blaze, Harley, Loki and RB
  • Akshobhya Mann

Donors - Director's Circle Members

  • Robert G Carlson Jr
  • Edward Dolezal
  • Heidi Bostwick
  • Coleman John
  • In Memory Of: Schmuppy
  • Giselle and Rosie
  • Lisa A Kravetz
  • In Memory Of: Betty White
  • Donna Riccobono

Donors - Benefactor Members

  • In Memory Of: Rachel Sandler
  • Blaze, Harley, Loki and RB
  • Yvonne Wolf
  • Tina Gamez
  • Christopher D Langwell
  • In Memory Of: Teri Yeates
  • kim holmes
  • In Memory Of: Taylor - RESCUE Success : )
  • In Memory Of: Duke the RESCUE dog
  • Lisa Sikorski
  • Mark and Ruthie Lauffer
  • Michelle & Eric Edwards
  • Doug Rhodes
  • In Memory Of: Zeke
  • Lisa Tervo
  • In Memory Of: Ronald A. Frederick
  • In Memory Of: Ronald Frederick
  • In Memory Of: Betty white
  • Julie Aken in memory of Betty White
  • In Honor of Betty White
  • Nicholas Poveromo Jr
  • In Memory Of: Toby
  • Mark and Ruth Lauffer
  • Nicole Frederick
  • Betsey (Mary Bayless
  • In Memory Of: Duke, my best friend and a RESCUE dog. I miss you!
  • In Memory Of: Grandma Henderson (dear friend of Lola/Loretta2012adoption)

Donors - Patron

  • In Memory Of: Snowie
  • In Memory Of: Serafina Broun
  • Gil Franklin
  • Kelly and Troy Randall
  • Kristina Fenlon
  • Lawrence Phillips
  • In Memory Of: Duke the RESCUE dog
  • Cheryl Denise DeRiso
  • Lucky - dental work
  • Jeffrey Gross
  • Michelle & Eric Edwwards
  • In Memory Of: James Golden
  • In Memory Of: Roxy
  • Darlys zumBrunnen
  • Tami Schrank
  • In Memory Of: Betty White
  • Pamela Nightenhelser
  • Jeff Gross
  • In Memory Of: Bob Waddell
  • In Memory Of: Robert Waddell, Sr
  • Karen Crabtree

Apollo Mission - Apollo Level

  • Blaze - the best dog ever
  • Karen Messick